Color selection for the Talentoday's motivations radar

User testing - Project management


๐Ÿ“‹ 1. Overview

1.1 What is Talentoday?

Talentoday is a startup which improves career success by delivering personal insights based on psychometrics and predictive analytics. The online social career guidance solution provides a free personality assessment for individuals and a SaaS for HR managers and staffing agencies. Talentoday is based in San Francisco and Paris with 25 team members (2017).

1.2 Key goal

The goal of this project was to find a new color for the "Motivations" cluster.

1.3 My role and responsibilities

I was responsible for managing the project and testing the color variations.

1.4 Timeline

This project was completed in two phases of one weeks: One week to find a new color and another week to apply the changes in all the mockups and specifications.


๐Ÿค” 2. Problem statement

2.1 Two shades of blue

Talentoday has a soft skill assessment that renders the personality and motivations results using 28 criteria and 6 clusters. Theses 6 clusters (Dare, Communicate, Adapt, Manage, Motivations, and Excel) have a different color. However the "Manage" cluster and "Motivations" cluster were both blue and sometime people confused them. The purpose of this project was to attribute a new color to the "Motivations" cluster.

The previous 6 clusters of criteria. As you can see the "Manage" and "Motivations" colors were too similars.

The previous 6 clusters of criteria. As you can see the "Manage" and "Motivations" colors were too similars.


2.2 Use cases

The "Motivations" color is used in 2 main cases: The motivations radar and the Target Profile radar:


๐ŸŽญ 3. Roles and responsibilities

This project was completed in collaboration with my colleague Joy and the responsabilities were shared.


๐Ÿ‘€ 4. Iterations and user testing

4.1 Color variations

You'll find below few of the colors we tried:


4.2 In-person user testing

During this project we did a lot of iterations and user testing. For financial reasons most of the user testing was done with people we knew or who were located in our office building. We asked about 30 people.

We printed some of the iterations with a different print quality (High and low) and always checked the render on screens as well.

We also removed the Orange color border on the test PDF to make sure that it won't influence the users.


4.3 Online user testing

After reviewing our choices with people, we found out that the best colors to replace the dark blue were Orange, Pink and Dark gray. In order to validate our choice we also did some online user testing. You'll find below 2 of the online user testings we did using PickFu:


4.4 Team feedback

Joy and I discussed a lot with the rest of the team during this project. We wanted to make sure to involve everyone in the team.

Using in-person meetings, video chats and Workplace, we asked multiple times the Talentoday team about which color they liked the most. On the last round, between pink, orange and gray they liked the orange color the best.


๐Ÿงก 5. Final decision

5.1 Orange is the new blue

After multiple reviews with the Talentoday Team and users we decided to use the orange. Although some options such as a darker blue or a dark gray were easier to read it wasn't a good option from a brand perspective. The executive decided that the orange, since it's one of the color of the Talentoday logo, was a better choice.

The Talentoday logo

The Talentoday logo


5.2 Communicate the change with the developers

As always we made sure to give rigorous and complete specifications to the developers about the changes to apply. You'll find below few of the illustrations that were send to the developers. An exhaustive list of every single location were an image or color needed to be change has also been provided.


๐Ÿ“ 6. Appendix