Intercom chat UI made with Sketch



📋 1. Description of the project

At Talentoday we use Intercom on our website. I also personally love Intercom as a company and think that they do a really good job at creating a product that helps improve communication between a company and its customers.

While working on some projects, I needed to use some elements of the chat UI in my mockups. As always, I looked on and other websites to see if anyone already created the Intercom chat UI. There was a version created for the previous chat UI (1.0), but no one had created the new chat UI (2.0), so I decided to recreate it on Sketch for the purpose of using it in my mockups. I ended up adding more artboards than I needed in order to create something that others will be able to use.


💎 2. Outcome

9 artboards were created:

  • Conversation - Index
  • Conversation - Person with a header
  • Conversation - Person
  • Conversation - Team with a header
  • Conversation - Team
  • Preview - Person
  • Preview - Team with close button
  • Preview - Team
  • Intercom icon by itself

I uploaded the file on so everybody can use it. So far 15,000 people have consulted the page and 4,500 have downloaded it.