Who am I?

Hey there, Kevin here. I currently work at TripActions as Product and UX designer. I have worked on a variety of projects including mobile/desktop web design, iOS app, PDF and emails. I love interacting and collaborating with my team to deliver innovative and useful products.



I have always been passionate about innovation, IT and drawing. I graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, where I studied management and industrial drawing. In addition I independently studied web development and decided to transition fully into software development in which I accelerated in many projects and internships.

After college I was hired as Engineering Manager by mAAAtchup, which would later become Talentoday. As Engineering Manager, I worked very closely with a team of great engineers that I personally recruited. Together we scaled the website from 0 to 3 millions users by designing and delivering the next generation personality assessment. I learned a lot by collaborating with experienced individuals like Daniel, François and Ilya who were always eager to share their knowledge. During this period I mainly worked on:

  • Managed the design of the Talentoday website including the B2C product which gained virality and augmented the user number from 0 to 3 million

  • Designed the iOS application with a simple, clear and consistent UX/UI between web and mobile

  • Utilized Sketch and Balsamiq to design impactful products such as the B2B job matching feature based on soft-skills

  • Optimized the user sign up conversion rate by 15 pt using Google Analytics and in-house analytics data

  • Coded front-end (HTML/CSS) to built the MVP and later used HTML/CSS/d3js to prototype data visualizations

  • Managed the team composed of seven engineers and three designers

Talentoday used to be a small startup, so every person wore many hats. At first, I was in charge of managing the engineers, writing product specifications, creating basic mockups and helping with front-end design. As the company grew, the importance of product/UX became evident. I transitioned to Senior Product Designer where I interacted with amazing UX designers and marketing colleagues such as Allie, Joy, Stephanie and Paige. During this period I mainly worked on:

  • Designed the Talentoday SaaS platform used by staffing agencies, companies and universities to assess the personality of 12,000 users/month

  • Created low and high fidelity wireframing on whiteboard and Sketch

  • Produced the UX/UI of consumer features such as career recommendations and soft-skills reports

  • Wrote functional detailed specifications and flows for the developer team using tools like LucidChart

  • Collaborated with the marketing team on InVision to iterate on new features as they were being built

  • Released critical products for the Series A funding, working directly with the board of directors to define the project strategy

  • Designed with accessibility in mind and multi-language localization (available in 6 languages)


Processes and beliefs

Good design is fundamental to any successful web/app company. Development of a successful product takes time, market knowledge, and attention to industry standards. Putting thought into product design encourages decisions that are going to stick. The faster you can iterate the better. I believe in asking for feedback and iterating ideas while still in the white boarding process rather than coding the product directly and asking for feedback later.

When starting a new project I always benchmark best practices and competitors. It's a good way to compare my ideas with what is out there and easily see what is working and what is not.

Good product design should help the developers work more efficiently. Writing clear specifications, thinking about all of the edge cases, exporting the assets and using collaborating tools such as InVision and GitHub are important steps that I take to ensure seamless collaboration with developers.



Below you’ll find my personality and motivations according to the Talentoday questionnaire.






UX passion

I have always been passionate about UX. When I was younger and a fan of cars, I spent my time thinking about ergonomic ways to design a perfect car dashboard (A/C, radio, GPS, etc.). Now I'm putting this energy into web and mobile interfaces. I'm really happy about being based in the Bay Area; it allows me to often go to Product and UX conferences, where I can learn more about design topics and network with other passionate people.  



Aside from UX design, I love traveling, In-N-Out, eating great food I just yelped, and following IT news. When I'm between two donuts shops, I also enjoy running.

I'm currently based in Palo Alto, CA and was born in Perigueux, France.

Thanks for stopping by!